Who’s reading #Interhactives?

Come November, #Interhactives website will change its managing crew. Taking over is the new team on the MA Interactive Journalism at City.

For starters, Ben Whitelaw asked us to come up with a profile of a typical user of the site, most likely to make us brainstorm about the most suitable content of our upcoming posts.

Doodling was encouraged so here is what my scarce drawing talents afforded:

this is how I imagine an #Interhactives reader (or: I imagine better, but that's how I can draw!)

this is how I imagine an #Interhactives reader (or: I imagine better, but that’s how I can draw!)

And here he is, in his twenties, at his desk. Focused, determined and on top of things. Ready to tweet about any interesting thing that he spots on our blog.

[Yes, with his MacBook, smartphone, tablet and TV in the back of the room, he is proudly suffering from a quadruple screen syndrome, and he is utterly persuaded that he is a slave to social media: “I have to check my Facebook”, “I have to re-tweet that now”.]

He’s an aspiring journalist with a personal blog and well-defined interests.

He’s wearing glasses, not because his eyesight is impaired by excessive reading from the computer screen, but because he wants to look cool. He’s an intellectual after all.

He is after tools and news that might boost his professional qualifications to become a sought-after journalist. This is why he will look closely at any internship or job opportunities. He will read advice from professionals in the field and ruthlessly ignore negligent space-fillers.

When it comes to his routines, he will never say no to a coffee. He’s a screen-lover, but he knows how to clock out and enjoy his time offline.

Oh, and since he rarely has time in the mornings (after staying up late to play around with the newest data visualisation software our website has just recommended), he usually chooses eating over shaving. So please, excuse the greyish stubble on his cheeks.

(If you happen follow #Interhactives and yet fail to identify with the above description, it’s fine.)


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