Hi, I’m Aleks and I’m currently doing my MA in Interactive Journalism at City University London. Having recently arrived in town, I am striving to turn from traveller into resident. I am learning a lot, not only at uni – it’s an on-going process and I like it a lot.

My plan is to become a journalist. And a good one.

This blog is meant to record my experience with journalism (of different sorts), social media & community engagement. It’s a tool of self-reflection and a space where I will try to put my newly-gained skills into practice.

I hope it will also serve others as a source of useful tips and insights.

You can find my online CV here.

And contact me at wisniewska.aleks[at]gmail.com

My (for now very modest) collection of bylines:

Financial Times: Chocolate: emerging markets develop a sweet tooth (scroll down)

PS – This is just a work in progress!