5 things that raised my eyebrow this week

  1. The claim that “25 countries are now involved in the vast search of the Malaysian airliner MH370″ is largely understated. About 3 million volunteers from around the world pore over satellite imagery in an effort to find any trace of the plane. Together they went through 24,000 square kilometers (9,300 square miles) of high-resolution imagery.mh370 search
  2. A London-based artist used Open Street Map data to generate images of cities at night because those taken from space were too blurry. These are stunning.cities at night
  3. What is the ROI on learning a foreign language? The Economist calculated that over a lifetime it can be even $128,000, but only if you study German.economist language calculator
  4. Now, did you know the Twitter bird’s name is Larry? Mashable compiled a list of famous tech mascots and stories behind their creation.tech mascots
  5. Have you played some origami recently? Good, you are now ready to fold a working (!) paper microscope. This hands-on science experiment could revolutionise healthcare in developing countries.