5 things that made me stop and wonder this week

  1. Here’s a list of companies in which interns earn more than the US median household income. As expected, the list is tech-heavy. An excellent prompt to make you re-think your future career.interns high salary
  2. Orange juice to disappear from your breakfast table. As sales have been dropping almost every year for the last decade, the start-the-day-with treat is on the best way to become a luxury product.orange-juice
  3. Google joined forces with Lego for virtual brick-building, which means you can now play with all sorts of colourful plastic pieces. And it’s limitless. Welcome Build with Chrome – the new form of procrastination at work.

4. Starlings in the skies. These little birds don’t like to fly on their own – instead they flock together in what we call “murmurations”. The Atlantic compiled a beautiful gallery of these formations.starlings

5. And finally, to celebrate 2014 as the year with no leap day in February, meet the “leap second”. Watch Demetrios Matsakis, chief scientist for time services at the US Naval Observatory, explain the concept.