5 things that surprised me this week

  1. Associated Press reported that pilots often land at the wrong airport when several are close together. There has been 150 such flights since the early 1990s.plane
  2. You’ll be surprised to know that in Afghanistan there exists a “jihad museum”. It tells the story of a very particular chapter in the history of Afghanistan, namely the Soviet invasion in the 1980s. Watch out, it’s rather grisly.jihad museum
  3. London’s Euston is getting a redesign. Following the shiny example of King’s Cross, the neighbourhood is to become a lively quarter with shops, offices and new homes up for grabs. Oh, and a Euston Arch.euston redesign
  4. Norway has unveiled the designs for a memorial to remember the victims of a worst mass shooting in modern history that killed 77 people in Oslo and Utoya in 2011. It’s nothing short of powerful.norway shooting memorial
  5. Following the announcement of his campaign in Rome, Martin Schulz’s twitter bio sneakily changed from “the President of the European Parliament” to the “PES candidate for President of the EU Commission”, thus making all his followers – willingly or not  – endorse his candidature (In case you wondered, the EP Presidency got a brand new account). Where’s fair play?martin schulz