5 things in tech, language and human nature that caught my eye this week

  1. A restaurant, a swimming pool or a concert hall theater? 16 dormant subway stations in Paris are waiting for re-design. Here‘s how one majoral candidate has imagined them to be.dormant subway station in Paris
  2. Now your smartphone can help cure cancer, and for free. Thanks to its incredible processing power, your phone can help researchers compute similarities between different protein sequences. All this when you’re asleep.app that cures cancer
  3. Deborah Fallows has recently asked what you think people actually mean when they ask “Where do you live?” or “Where are you from?”Here‘s what she found out and it’s really interesting.
    where are you from
    Picture: Paul Thurlby
  4. The annoying typing indicator in online chats is there for a reason. Here’s the man behind the bubble, justifying his paranoia-inducing invention. The logic behind it is quite smart.typing indicator
  5. Facebook knows when you’re starting a new relationship just by looking at the frequency of your posts. When you think of it, it is rather creepy.Facebook knows you are in a relationship